Is flexeril bad for long term use?

Flexeril is a very popular treatment option that doctors frequently prescribe to help patients deal with muscle-related pain.  Although the drug is safe and works quickly, it can also be addictive.  That is why flexeril is not recommended for long-term use and should always be taken according to your doctor’s specific dosage instructions.

Is flexeril a narcotic?

The medication called Flexeril does not belong to the class of drugs called narcotics. Rather, it belongs to the class of muscle relaxants. Flexeril relaxes strained or overworked muscles, treats muscle sprains and spasms and alleviates pain in the body. Even though it is not a narcotic, you should obtain a prescription from your doctor before taking Flexeril.

Is flexeril a benzodiazepine?

No, Flexeril is not a benzodiazepine, which is a common tranquilizer that affects the central nervous system and is often prescribed to treat convulsions and anxiety. The generic name for the drug is a cyclobenzaprine hydrochloride oral tablet, and it is a muscle relaxant used to treat muscle stiffness, muscle spasms and various types of muscle pain.

Is flexeril addictive?

Any drug can be addictive, but Flexeril is not generally known to cause addiction. Even though it is not as habit forming as medications such as opiates, some individuals have become dependent on the medication. Flexeril can also cause possible withdrawal symptoms after you stop taking it. That is why it is important to talk to your doctor before taking Flexeril or any other type of drug.

What is flexeril used for?

Flexeril is most often prescribed by doctors to help their patients alleviate muscle spasms or muscle pain that is caused by any type of muscle injury, including a muscle sprain or strain. However, the drug has also been used to treat pain caused by fibromyalgia and on in rare cases to help patients sleep better.

Is flexeril an antidepressant?

The chemical structure of the medication called Flexeril is very similar to antidepressant medications. However, it is not technically considered an antidepressant. Most doctors prescribe it to treat patients’ muscle pain. If you are searching for a treatment for your depression, you should talk to your doctor about available options.

Is flexeril for long term use?

Some medications are intended for short- or long-term use. However, the drug called Flexeril is not intended for long-term use. Rather, most doctors prescribe it to help their patients manage various types of muscle-related pain caused by muscle strains, spasms or sprains. Patients can suffer serious side effects if they continue to take Flexeril for an extended period of time so talk to your doctor about other long-term treatment options.